EV Charging Stations

From the manufacturer

The growth of electric vehicles is dependant on its infrastucture, development and its quality.

We invite you to get acquainted with the charging stations which are
produced in Saint-Petersburg, as well as to know about how you can
participate in the creation of a new transport infrastructure in Russia and the world

OUR SOLUTIONS for you and your business

A profitable model for using electric vehicles in taxi and delivery services. We provide a charging station locations on a turn-key basis


You can purchase a simple charging station for your own electric car charging, choose solutions for your corporate fleet, or purchase to develop your station network.


The advantages of OUR charging stations.

  • 01

    Convenient monetization

    Convenient billing system allows you to accept payments as efficiently and easily as possible
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    All stations are made of stainless steel and high strength monolithic polycarbonate
  • 03

    Modern urban design

    Photos of our stations speak for themselves, in addition to the functional part they are real full-fledged art objects
  • 04

    15-year warranty

    We are confident in our stations quality and are ready to give you a long-time warranty
  • 05

    Compatible with
    all EV models

    The stations are being tested on all existing EV models
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    24\7 customer service lightning fast problem solving

We develop charging infrastructure together with


$260 million

are saved on fuel every day

The increasing  price of fuel makes more and more people to choose electric vehicles. Major manufacturers are abandoning the production of cars with internal combustion engines( ICE) and plan to do it completely by 2030.

3500 electric vehicles

are sold worldwide every day

China already has 1.7 million electric vehicles, the USA 640 thousand, in Europe more than 800 thousand

Just look

at the global map of charging stations

The whole world is already investing in the creation of charging infrastructure. Now it’s time for you to join this global trend with our offer, which is available to everyone.

Portal Energy charging stations



$ 700

Meteorite AC charging station is a simple solution for charging personal electric vehicles. Just plug in and charge.



$ 1 800

Optimal, wall-mounted AC solution with monetization option. UFO Charging,station is well visible on any parking lot and protected from vandals,

LightWay Station

LightWay Station

$ 3 900

Our flagship and the most effective solution that combines the experience of all world charging stations manufacturers


to create a convenient and efficient charging infrastructure for electric vehicles around the world

All charging stastions from all over the world in one app

In our mobile app you can find the location of Portal Energy stations as well as from other manufacturers marked in Plugshare. You can use the app to find the nearest station, get charged and make a payment