Electricity is the new fuel for all vehicles in the close future!

By investing in creation and installation of the charging stations, you become a co-owner of a new infrastructure, earning quarterly profits from charging electric vehicles and income from company shares.

It's pretty simple

For example, You make a deposit of $100 – and get company tokens in return, corresponding to a deposit amount.

This allows you to register your payout percentage and your shares portfolio.

All deposits are summed up and this money is used for production and installing charging stations in places where they are already on demand.

Along with this our team looks for the places of installation, makes the necessary coordination and preparatory work.

When a new station is launched, its address is registered in the international application Plugshare.com where owners of electric vehicles can easily find and start using it.

How it Works

The owners of an electric cars drive up to the mall parking lot , where the charging station is installed.

Leave their cars to recharge and go shopping.

Car is filling its battery capacity on average 15 kW per 1 hour. We sell each kilowatt of electricity at the price we set.

The station can charge two or even three electric vehicles simultaneously, which increases the number of kilowatts sold per unit of time.

All recharges are summed up during the reporting period. From this amount, we pay away for electricity, and also hold 20% interest that goes for maintenance and service. The remaining amount is shared among all the investors according to their deposit.

Each operation is completely transparent and realized by the blockchain technology.


ERC 20

Thanks to Blockchain technology it gives you the entire financial system transparency. You can always check how many people actually invested in the stations, what amount of money we spend for stations production and installation , how dividends are distributed among all shareholders

In addition

  • Nobody can grab your shares

    no intermediaries who can control your account
  • No tax on assets

    We don`t pay for Bank service, storing funds and taxes for transferring funds
  • Devidends in cryptocurrency

    No transfer fees, you can easily exchange them in dollars, euros, and rubles

Large companies such as IBM, Intel, Oracle, Samsung, HP, Google and many others invest in shares, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Right now our company is in the developing phase when we can introduce these technologies of the future.

Well, Let’s just say that we will use the development of IBM, the Hyperledger product, for recording and monitoring charging stations, as well as the financial income for each of the charges, this will exclude the possibility of any interference. Meanwhile the users of charging stations will not even suspect the presence of high technologies, our goal is to make everything in accessible and possible manner.


Infrastructure development plan

White Paper is a document that describes in detail the main aspects of the company’s activities. Starting from the main idea and mission of the company, ending with a detailed description of the business logic and the essence of the used technologies. We strongly recommend to read this document, as it contains all the necessary information and answers for the following questions:

  • Why does Portal Energy exist?
  • What current problems will we solve?
  • How exactly will we solve them?
  • What technologies do we use and why?
  • What is the company’s business model and why investing can be accessible, understandable and based on transparent trust relationships
  • Why do I need to join the PE community and what i get from this.

We have launched!

At the moment, we have launched the initial placement of tokens. Available volume at the first stage – 300,000 POE

If you have questions please contact +7 981 751-27-15
or write us in Telegram – @portal_energy_info