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Charging Station LightWay Station

Our flagship and the most effective solution that combines the experience of all world charging stations manufacturers


The station is made in the format of a street-light, that

  • The place is lit up all around
  • The station becomes a full-fledged object of urban infrastructure and has the right to preferential electricity supply
  • Becomes visible from afar and noticeable in overcrowded parking lots
  • The station hardware is protected from damage by cars, vandals, and washing-machines/
  • The station is not afraid of flooding and snow depositsion.
  • Hidden inside there is a mechanism of blocks for tensioning charging cables thanks to this, the cables are always clean and are above the ground
  • Charges up to 3 electric vehicles at the same time (depends on the configuration)
  • Has the ability to attach a bicycle parking

Product Specification

  • Туре-1 cable (11 KW)+ Туре-2 (22 KW) 7m length each  socket 220 В (3 KW)
  • cable tensioning system
  • information display
  • illuminated
  • personal account, ОСРР 1.6 protocol
  • in-app monetization
  • combined station construction with the light pillar
  • Strong housing for outdoor use, protection level IP-65: powder-coated steel
  • with solid polycarbonate
  • parking for electric scooters and bicycles with the possibility of charging with an anti-theft system (optional)

Price$ 3 900