16Sep, 20 16.09.2020Infrastructure

Just the other day, we arrived at one of the oldest Russian electric automatics production enterprises – KEAZ, to get acquainted with the production and the possibility of import substitution of the charging stations.

To be honest, I have already got used to the fact that even famous manufacturers of everything, including electrical components, such as ABB and Schneider, mostly produce their products in China. But then full cycle production came into our view!

That means- from the deepest development of products and casting of plastic parts, to the manufacture of all components from blanks by various methods and installation of software.

What is pleasing is that the plant is increasing its volumes, purchasing equipment, building new workshops and restoring old ones. A real city-forming enterprise, founded in 1945!

The development is largely progressing with the help of Andrey Kanunnikov`s innovative vision. He certainly knows what to do.

At a meeting with him and the Governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoitov, we outlined a plan to deploy charging infrastructure in Kursk and the Kursk region, because this region is ideal for comfortable use of electric transport in terms of climate and geographical parameters.

We`ll start  our  activity here with a couple of stations coming  this month. And the KEAZ plant will help us with components!

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