For cab companies

When creating an EVs cab company, you need to choose thoroughly the vehicle models , as well as correctly locate charging stations around the city.

Such taxi companies are the standard for most cities in Europe, Asia, and the United States, but only recently they began to appear in Russia. There are individual features in creating such a taxi company. It depends on the city size and its geographical location.

The advantages of purchasing charging stations from us

  • We will arrange a meeting with electric car manufacturers

    You can choose the most suitable model of EV and get the best terms of purchase. Today the international market provides a wide range of electric vehicles, but not all of them are good for working in taxi companies
  • We will train your staff how to repair, perform maintenance of electric vehicles, and operate with the charging infrastructure

    Your company will be able to develop independently by solving current tasks and developing additional customer service
  • We will help you to plan the optimal location and number of charging stations in your city

    You can save a significant amount of money only by installing charging stations in the right locations as well as earn money on the newly created infrastructure in the future.
  • We will install charging stations on favorable terms

    Possible: dealer price sale, leasing, free installation if there are more than 100 electric vehicles in your city

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