For shopping malls and parking lots

The most convenient place to recharge is public parking, and the most convenient time is when you are there on business.
This rule can also work in the opposite direction – I will go charging where I can eat, visit cinema or go shopping.

Understanding that fact that the charging infrastructure primarily should be convenient, and people should not spend their time just sitting in the car. We offer the placement of our charging stations in such public places on a rental basis, the cost of which is close to zero.

List of locations that are potentially interesting for stations free installation.

What gets landlord?

  • 1
    Improving place reputation
  • 2
    New customers and the loyalty of public
  • 3
    Media attention
  • 4
    Appearance on the charging stations worldwide map.

Installation conditions.

  • We provide a charging station for free, install it and perform maintenance
  • The landlord provides us space for free or with the lowest possible rental cost
  • The landlord will supply the power cable and prepare the installation area
  • You must provide 2 parking spots for 1 charging station
  • We carry out station installation , commissioning and further maintenance
  • We charge a fee to clients  who uses charging station
  • We pay to the landlord for the electricity consumed on a monthly basis

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