For own use

You can purchase a simple charging station for your own electric car charging, choose solutions for your corporate fleet, or purchase to develop your station network.

The advantages of purchasing charging stations from us

  • 10 year warranty on the body and main components

    We use stainless steel and high-strength plastic and can be sure of housing durability. Having a high IP rating, the internal hardware works and serves for a long time.
  • Best Price

    Thanks to our own production, we can set affordable prices for products. In comparison with most competitors, the cost of our stations is lower but with a wider functionality
  • 24h technical support

    With our service, the electric car owner will never be left standing near a station with a blocked charging plug or other technical issue in the middle of the night, as it happens with other operators. We monitor the operation of our own stations online 24/7 and respond to customer calls.
  • Branding for you

    Charging stations are also a good marketing tool. They attract the attention of passers-by and the media.Your logo and color scheme applied to the charging station will declare your brand as the most modern and technological. Our company will develop and apply color and graphic materials according to your brand book. If you order more than 30 pieces, we can develop and manufacture individual station housing for you.
  • Acquisition in leasing

    A convenient way to start using our station today, with the ability to upgrade to a new model in the future. We cooperate with Sberbank.

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