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Charging station Sputnik

Sputnik AC charging station is a compact, floor-standing solution designed in a minimalistic, scandinavian style.

Small dimensions allow you to place the station in any place, using a minimum foundation height. The station is universal for all electric vehicles, quick returns and suitable for underground parking.

Available in 2 versions


with Туре-1 cable and Туре-2 socket
with Туре-1 and Туре-2 cables


Product Specification

  • socket/ cable Туре-2 (22 KW)+ Туре-1 cable(11 KW) 4m length each
  • socket 230v ( 3 KW)
  • Charging indicator light
  • screen illumination
  • personal account, ОСРР 1.6 protocol
  • in-app monetization
  • RFID
  • Strong housing for outdoor use, protection level IP-65: powder-coated steel with solid polycarbonate 8 mm thick
Price$ 2 500