Charging station Meteorite

The Meteorite AC charging station is a simple solution for charging personal electric vehicles. Just plug in and charge. The illumination will help you to find the station in a dark garage and a solid body will withstand any careless using. The advantage is the presence of a 230V socket, so you can always connect power tools, extension cord or scooter to the station.

Available in 3 versions

with Туре-1 cable
with Туре-2 cable
with Туре-2 socket


Product specification

  • cable Туре-1 (11 KW) or cable\socketТуре-2 (22 KW) 5m length each
  • Socket 230 v (3 KW)
  • screen Illumination
  • Strong housing for outdoor use, Protection level IP-65: powder-coated steel  and wooden cover
  • Separate stand for cable holding
Price$ 700

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