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Charging station UFO

An optimal, wall-mounted solution with monetization option. UFO Charging station is well visible on any parking lot and protected from vandals  аs well as from dust and precipitation. The powerful hardware allows you to charge two electric vehicles simultaneously, authorize the customer using an RFID reader or mobile application. If you need to create a charging zone from several stations, use the

UFO driven modification.
UFO driven is a slave station that has a simpler hardware, it connects to the leading charging station and executes all commands through it. Two slave stations can operate with one master simultaneously.

Available in 2 versions


with Туре-1 cable
with Туре-2 cable


Product Specification

  • Туре-1 cable (11 KW) Туре-2 cable (22 KW)/ Туре-1 (11 KW) 5m length each
  • Information display
  • display Illumination
  • Personal Account, ОСРР 1.6 protocol
  • In–app monetization
  • RFID
  • Strong housing for outdoor use, Protection level IP-65: powder-coated steel with solid polycarbonate
  • Separate stand for cable holding

Price$ 1 800