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On July 17, in the city of military glory Pskov, the first charging station “Lightway Station” from Portal Energy was successfully installed under the infrastructure development program.

Our team arrived at the location early in the morning and by 3 PM the territory of the “Razdolye” recreation center, where this station is installed, became an important point in the route Russia — Europe.

As significant as this phrase sounds, it actually is. Since before July 17 it was difficult to travel from Russia to Latvia or Estonia by driving electric car. The capacity of  modern electric car battery is not enough for such distances. And not a single charge station for hundreds of kilometers around. And now any electric car driver can easily stop for a couple of hours at the recreation center, have a snack, or take a walk in the Park, recharge the car and move on.

Members of the Pskov EVs club came to try our Lightway Station. They  appreciated the design, and of course, charged their 2 Nissan Leaf. One of the electric car drivers said, in order to satisfy the need in charging stations within Pskov , it is necessary to supply at least six more units. Then it will be possible to charge without taking special time for this procedure.

The owners of electric cars were very surprised when they found out that the station was made with crowdfunding program. People just invested in our infrastructure project, and  now they are its owners and will get profit from it and all further stations that we will install. Everyone used to think that there are few” shareholders ” in companies, and these are usually some rich people, but not at this time.

In our case, for example, members of the Pskov club can do something that no other company will give them. They can talk to their friends and acquaintances who are thinking of purchasing electric vehicles, and invest in our infrastructure project the amount necessary for the production and installation of six stations. This amount is about 1.5 to 1.8 million rubles, depending on the models. If they manage to form  a group of at least 50 people, the installation of 6 stations will cost everyone from 30 to 36 thousand rubles, which is an absolutely real amount. While 1.5 million- not a chance. And for 30 to 36 thousand rubles, people get not only the actual stations that they will use, but also become co-owners of the entire future infrastructure, including these six stations and all the further ones that we will install on the territory of Russia or abroad. And they will receive income from it.

Portal Energy’s mission is to give everyone the opportunity to participate directly in the development of eco-friendly technologies.

This is what it looks like in reality. By investing in a project, you don’t just get a product copy and a t-shirt with a logo (as is usually the case with crowdfunding), you become the real owner of Portal Energy. Now this is your company. Now this is your infrastructure. And you are directly involved in its development.

Oddly enough, the biggest challenge we face at this stage is how not to confuse people by explaining what, how, and why we do this. Because, at least, in the territory of our country, no one has ever done business like this before. But we do not give up before difficulties, and we will maintain to the position that words are best clarified in the light of concrete actions. Such as, for example, installing stations.

So wait for the next news.

And Yes – we did it!

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