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Now  we see everywhere how renewable energy is confidently replacing traditional, dirty energy. The main part of this process is made up of huge windmills capable of generating megawatts of energy, but where does the origin come from?

You won’t believe it, but the world’s first full-fledged windmill was assembled in Kursk by our inventor Anatoly Ufimtsev!  The start of construction  began in 1921, and in a few years, thanks to grant support and the help of patrons, including Maxim Gorky,  a three-bladed DC windmill with a tower height of 42 meters had been built.

Yes, there were windmills before, so as with generators , but the special feature of this design is an inertial-kinetic storage device.

What is it and how it works?

At that time, chemical batteries were extremely inefficient, expensive and oversized. Meanwhile, the wind blows with different strength and not always. There is a problem of flashing lights, which may not be lit at all in the intervals between the wind lull. The kinetic battery is a massive disk that spins from the drive shaft connected to the blades. This flywheel is on the ground and has a giant inertia. Thanks to this, it is able to rotate for a long time and thus save wind energy.

It is directly connected to a 3.5 kW DC generator, which can be powered from the flywheel when necessary without any energy drop.

The cool thing is that this design is  nearly perpetual  and only needs maintenance of bearings and gears.

The Ufimtsev windmill was far ahead of its time, because even now such developments are  only experimental.

The windmill worked and survived during the war, the Germans destroyed the city, but treated this construction respectfully.  In the late 50s, after the inventor died, the windmill stopped working.

You can read the full story on Wikipedia. Now the windmill has no blades, it is generally not working, but we can’t leave it like this!

Together with the KEAZ plant, we plan to restore it to working condition. The Ufimtsev`s  windmill should be the highlight of Kursk, a full-fledged working mechanism  and inspire new generations of Russian inventors!

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